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Import step file into SW2012 sp1

Question asked by Brian Scruggs on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by Brian Scruggs

Hello everyone, have had a lot of success getting answers from the forums so I'm hoping I can be bailed out again!  I tried to search for an answer but without luck I'm afraid.


When importing a step file into SW2012 sp1 (drag and drop from a Windows 7 64 bit folder) I am asked to identify which template to use for the assemblies it will create and also which template to use for the parts it will create.  This is normal to me as I have always had to do this in SW2009.  What is not normal to me is that I now have to direct SW to these templates many many times for even a simple step file!


I have attached an example step file that I verify does this (so far every example does this).  I was hoping there was a setting somewhere that I have overlooked to tell the program to default all templates to the first one I specify but I can't seem to locate it if it does exist.


In the example file that contains only two parts in an assembly, it asks which assembly template to use, then which part, then the part again 3 more times, then the assembly again.  Only then will it load the simple two-part assembly.


Hope someone can help me out here!