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How do you organize mates?

Question asked by Gregory Page on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by Mike Price

How do you organize mates for a large assembly?  I must be missing somtehing as what I have found in SW is unusable on large assemblies.


1) How do you get SW to keep mates grouped.  The default I get is a long random list.  I need it to keep the mates the define the location or a part or subassembly with that mate so you can find and edit only those mates.  Mates that position other components to that component/assembly should be kept only with that subordinate component.  I have found the "view mates" under the component/assembly right click, but since that removes the rest of the assembly from the display is it pretty much useless.  Is there a way to get it to only show the mates that actually "define" a components position, supress all the non-related mates, and not remove everything else from the display so you can see the rest of the assembly when editing?


2) How do you get SW to allow you to change 2 mates simultaniously.  To reverse the orientation of a component I often need to flip the mate sense to two features (such as ref planes) at the same time.  The only way I have found in SW to do this requires deleting one mate, flipping the remaining, then re-creating the temporarily deleted constraint.  Unfortunatly this separates the mates in the long mate list.  I can drag the new mate from the bottom of the list but this is a PITA to have to do all the time.


3) How do you find what SW thinks it is refering to when it says there are mates to a suppressed component and nothing is suppressed at that assembly level?  It supposedly only shows mates in the list if they are at that assembly level, not within one of the subassemblies, so if nothing is suppressed how can it have a mate to a compressed feature?


4) Is there any way to temporarily roll-back and assembly (like in Pro-e)?  I can roll back a part feature tree, but not an assembly.  If you suppress all the components instead of rolling back the assembly it often closes those files and I often don't want it to.


Thanks - Greg