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modelling help - revolved L-section angle, toe-in - notched for relief

Question asked by Steven Bell on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by Steven Bell

Hi There,


needing some help


I have designed a 180° revolved part from unequal leg aluminium angle - 25.0x160.x1.2 part is Ø662mm

We have passed this to a vendor in china to manufacture - they have hit a wall - basically the equipment they have is giving them all sorts of twists - they are claiming that because inside leg is compressing when being formed stress is too high and part is kinking / twisting due to this ...


What i trying to described to them is if they notch the inner leg of the angle (creating a kinda relief feature) - when it is formed the notches will close up

now, I can show the straight section & using a configuration + flex can show part in formed state, but notches wont compress - notches stay the same shape 


i know easiest solution would be to get a vendor that can bend this - but due to timescales & our company policy on new vendor setup & qualification... we have to remain with this vendor 


any ideas on how to overcome this would be great - any calc's or websites showing what shap/sizes the nothces should be would be great also


using solidworks 2010