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    I want to output the BOM into Auto save Excel.

    Moonyoung Choi

      I am Korean.
      I am not good at English.



      I want to output the BOM into Excel.



      I want to do is write to the following features:



      1. API programming, a menu added

      2. Menu Name - BOM Auto Save

      BOM Auto Save button.png

        - This menu was inserted by the API.

        - I use, this button is trying to raise the event.

      3. I automatically saved to the specified folder location


      ex) Specifies the user's path -   c:\Desktop


      When I try to work,
      I got an idea what it takes.



      1. Did you bring them BOM List?
         - BOM data stored in the SQL table, where's the hold up?


      2. Open CSV files could take advantage of?
        - Provides an API function that can auto-save?




        • Re: I want to output the BOM into Auto save Excel.
          Jeff Sweeney

          Certainly the CSV file is the cheapest way to go, you can get the columns you want by choosing the proper BOM, but you won't get any formatting, nor is there (as far as I have found) an EPDM trigger to allow you to customize the BOM output.


          If you want maximum flexibility of what the BOM looks like after export, you'll need to use EPDM or Excel's API. -You could go straight to the SQL tables, but the API will give your routine protection from SQL table schema changes.