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I want to output the BOM into Auto save Excel.

Question asked by Moonyoung Choi on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by Jeff Sweeney

I am Korean.
I am not good at English.



I want to output the BOM into Excel.



I want to do is write to the following features:



1. API programming, a menu added

2. Menu Name - BOM Auto Save

BOM Auto Save button.png

  - This menu was inserted by the API.

  - I use, this button is trying to raise the event.

3. I automatically saved to the specified folder location


ex) Specifies the user's path -   c:\Desktop


When I try to work,
I got an idea what it takes.



1. Did you bring them BOM List?
   - BOM data stored in the SQL table, where's the hold up?


2. Open CSV files could take advantage of?
  - Provides an API function that can auto-save?