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Selection of components for exploded view doesn't work correctly

Question asked by Mark Olsen on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by Mark Olsen

Is it just me, or is the component selection during the creation (or editing) of an assembly exploded view badly broken?  When selecting a component to move, hover the cursor over the component until it highlights, then left MB.  The component selected is anything near the cursor, and is often a component buried within the assembly.  To make sure that you select the correct component, you have to zoom in until the component nearly fills the screen.  Then you usually get what is highlighted, but not always.  This behavior has been persistent as far back as at least SW2009, through a large variety of hardware (at least 7 different computers, WinXP and 7), so I'm quite certain that it's not a hardware issue.  Am I missing some easy way to select what is highlighted, or is this truly broken?  Sorry for the rant, but why can't they get this stuff right?