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Still have some problems with cuts on intersecting flanges

Question asked by Steve Krause on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by Steve Krause

I got some help in the last week on an assembly where two part's flanges intersect and I use the intersection to generate the cut line of each flange.  I got that to work.


I have another assembly to do and I am coming up on a new problem that I didn't see on the other assembly.  I make two parts that have flanges that intersect each other.  I edit part2.  I've learned to pick the correct planes to start the sketch, and I can use Convert Entities and select the intersecting flange of part1 to create a sketch line that I then use an Extruded Cut to cut away the correct portion of part2.  Then I go to part1 and do the same thing, using the resultant edge of part2 from the first operation that made the cut.  When the Extruded Cut  operation on Part1 completes I am left with an error message on part2.



This sketch contains dimensions or relations to model geometry which no longer exists.  Consider:    

o Deleting the dangling sketch entities (shown dashed and in dangling color).    

o Editing the model to restore the missing model geometry.


I assume that it is a problem where part2 was made from an edge that gets removed when I later edit part1 so I'm wondering if there is a simple way around this?  Maybe some setting to break a relationship. If that is true and can be done that would be okay.  But I would also like a solution that doesn't break the relationship between the two parts.  I am hoping to have a technique that allows me to play with the angles of the flanges on either part and have them automatically update rather than manually doing the Convert Entities sketches after I change a flange angle.


I have attached the files.