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What is the best way to add fields to the "Property Name" in the Summary Information Data  Can I swap templates?

Question asked by Craig Kelley on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

I want to add "Property Name" fields into the "Summary Information - Configuration Specific".  Can also fined in the "Summary Information from (File -Properties...)" 


I created a part template for the new drawings. But older drawings I am not sure if there is any short cuts to add the new "Property Name" fields?


The only way I know how now is to open up the Summary Information and create a Property Name in the edit field one by one.  A very primitive way.


I have a new part template with the fields in place. So if there is a way to replace on original template with the new one, that would work.

Or copy the features from one drawing to another it, that would work.

Or replace the Summary Information with a new Summary Information

Or copy and paste several fields from one drawing to another.

Is the a way to add to the default list so I can us the pull downs except one by one.?


But so far nothing has worked except to do them one at a time.


I am not speaking of the "Value/ Text Expression" as it will change from part to part, just the "Property Name"


Any Ideas?