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    Surfacing Noob needs help

    Tim Ausburn

      Hi all,

      I'm having trouble with what is probably a simple surface to some. It's a soap bar that is suppose to resemble a sea pebble. My first attempt was rejected due to the nose on the bar being to "pointy". I'm using SW 2012. I have attached my part and 2 pictures. One picture shows where I'm having the issue at. The other picture is a side by side comparison of the 2 bars. The green bar is what I'm trying to reproduce. The white bar is what I made from my drawing this morning. I realize that the white bar is somewhat rougher compared to the green bar but I hand pressed it into the die for a quick simple shape comparison. I also need to be able to create a solid from this surface to make a negative. The surface needs to be as smooth as possible and transition nicely.