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Really need help to improve this model, its surfaces and I think I need to redraw from scratch?

Question asked by John Biddleston on Jan 17, 2012
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I have having trouble modifying the attached part to the new required specification


The problems are:-

- I need to resize it

- Rebuild errors, and very slow rebuilds

- Complexity of model




I am now strongly thinking that I need to redraw the product from scratch. This may be quicker, and also make the model more elegant and easier to use, and adjust.


I think that the main problems that I have come from the very way the model was built, using the surface lofts right in the early stages. There has always been a problem with the surfacing at the front and rear curves where they join at the extreme front and rear.


This has had knock on effects, and it taking up too much time. Also, the rebuilds are now horrendous. And I am running quad core at 3.8Ghz with 8GB ram!


I think that I need to look at a radical new redraw. Maybe using features differently from the off, that will provide more consistent and reliable results. However, I do wish to keep the exact same shape and profile.


I think that this will be important for the production issue, also. As this is a prototype. I will need to easily make changes to draft and other details. So I think a new model, looking the same, but drawn differently is mandatory.


I am especially thinking that the "surface lofts" right at the beginning are causing problems. With surface lots the geometry seems very 'ragged' at the extreme front and rear. This requied patching, and in fact I think "surface lofts" might often experience this problem.


I am looking for a method to completely redraw quickly, and neatly, and maybe suggestion of a new way to draw this exact same shape, but without using surface lofts maybe? It has led to many rebuild problems when I edit, and I think I need an elegant new basis, to achieve the same effect. But in less steps, and more reliably!


Please could anyone advise?


Kind regards,

John Biddleston