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"Stuck" in sketch mode in flat pattern SW 2012?

Question asked by Gary Hood on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by Unspecified Unspecified

So if I create a sheetmetal part, unsupress the flat pattern, and then add sketches/features to the flat pattern, I get stuck in the sketches if I try to edit them.  Say I create an extruded feature on the flat pattern.  Everything works fine, until I go back and try to modify the sketch.  Once I double click on the sketch, I go into sketch mode, but the "sketch/X" option doesn't show up in the top right, flat pattern icon just stays there.  I have to select a sketch tool, such as line or dim, and then the "sketch/X" option shows up.  Am I doing something wrong?  Kind of annoying having to click around every time I need to go in and out of a sketch.


In this picture, you can see I'm in an active sketch, but the flat pattern icon is the only option.