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Web client cannot transition with task

Question asked by Andries Koorzen on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by Andries Koorzen

Hi all


Does anyone have any experience in creating addins (or at least try to create) which work in conjunction with a Enterprise PDM web client?


My understanding is that a web client may not (will not) trigger an addin that modifies a file, as this would cause the file to be versioned.


My question then is, does anyone know how to trigger a task addin that DOES NOT modify a file (e.g an addin that prints the file)

I went through all the trouble of coding an addin which would update a variable using external data, but now it has come to light that, even though the addin does not execute on the web client machine (in other words, it executes on some server somewhere), it is still not possible for the web client to trigger the addin.


So to summarize


Machine A (web client) advances file through the workflow

Workflow should trigger addin

Server executes addin.


What is currently happening


Machine A (web client) tries to advance file through the workflow

Workflow should trigger addin

EPDM says "No"


Thank you in advance