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Simple Simulation: Multi-axial

Question asked by Darren Alvares on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by sandeep pawar

Hi All,


I am attempting to simulate a multiaxial sensor and the strain it exert in particular region. I am well versed with solidworks modelling but not in the simulation side. Attached a few screenshots to describe what I am trying to do. I have a small protrusion and I am applying series of load to it to simulate a force vector applied.  At the bottome of the protrusion I have 4 sensors. These sensors are soft materials and are nm in thickness. I would like to monitor the max strain in each of the 4 sensors for a given load.


I have started for the moment with a linear elastic/static problem and have setup the appropriate boundary conditions. However I have run into a couple ofBottom_View.pngTop_View.png problems. Because the thickness of my sensor is nm I have problems with it comes to meshing the 4 sensors. If I set the sensors up as Shell elements the mesh is ok and the model solves however, the equivalent strain on the bottom face of the sensor is showing up as zero.


Either I am setting this problem up the wrong way or there are some parameters I have left out. Another option would be to remove the sensors from the problem and setup a region on the bottom of the film with the protrusion to the monitor the strain. Any idea how I could do this.


Thanks in advance for your help.