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Sequential motion analysis, how to?

Question asked by Carlos Calderon on Jan 15, 2012



I am working with SolidWorks Simulation Premium 2010, what I am trying to do is a deployable structure formed by 12 triangular modules. It is like a bridge that will be extending by each module progressively, imagine it like a mast or something like that.


After I deploy each module, I need to rigidize each module with some bars, and here I have the problem. I am trying to do the motion analysis, but I do not know how include the needed parts in a sequential manner, for example I deploy the first module, then I need to place the rigid bars for stability, and so on for each module. How can I get this sequential analysis, I have looked so many youtube videos, but I only find animations that only analyses the whole assembly and not in a sequential manner.


Thanks for your comments and insight.


Carlos Calderon