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thermal stress simulation

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Jan 13, 2012
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  My company had just bought a premium version a month before.  As I am not so familar on using the simulation module, I would like to ask for some suggestions.


  Currently, I am doing a project on caculating the thermal stress of a bi-metallic strip under cooling.  From the training manual, I know roughly how to do it: just do a steady state thermal simulation first, and that attach a thermal load during the static part.


  But I have some questions that I make me don't know how to handle the case:


  1)  If the materials of my bi-metallic strip has a temperature dependent factor, how should I handle to run the solution?  Currently, the thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) of my material will be vary from time to time during the cooling process.  And I think this will affect the utimate thermal stress stored in the components.  So how can I make the settings/ what can I do so that the simulation program could calculate the effect?  (Note: I know how to set / import a temperature dependent curve, but I don't know how to set the software to handle the data)


  2)  In my case,  I think how fast I cooling would affect the magnitude of residual stress.  So, how can I use the simulation to handle the effect of cooling rate/ convection coefficient?


  Looking forwards for your recommendation,


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