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    Problems Exporting sheet metal parts

    Rodrigo Orta

      Hello ,


      Right know I’m trying to find a way to export my SHEET METAL design.


      Is there a way that i can export a full assembly that contains sheet metal parts in any format( IGS, STEP , PARASOLID). So they can open the full assembly and take a close look full product. Therefore they can open each part separately and get the flat view in order to manufacture it.

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          Anna Wood

          In your assembly do a File > Save As > Select the appropriate file type > Check the Options tab for that file type and change settings as needed.





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            John Stoltzfus

            Good morning Rodrigo,


            When you export your sheet metal design in the formats listed you need to save one file as bent and a copy of that same file in the flat pattern.


            Saving it other than a SolidWorks file takes away the sheet metal features, therefore if you save the file as an igs or step, the file is saved as a solid object not a working file.


            Again; it takes two files per part, one as a bent pc and the other as a flat pattern.





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              Scott McFadden


              Welcome to the forum.

              What John said is exactly right.  I would add that you have to remember that when you

              export these files they become what are called dumb solids.  That means they do not

              retain the features or characteristics of the original.  The only way you would come close

              is if you were exporting as a Pro-E file in solidworks and then called the file up in Pro-E.

              In that case it would come in with unconstrained features.