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Question asked by Scott Werner on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by John Stoltzfus

I am trying to create a design table for a failry large assembly.  I have tried to look at the online solidworks help and can not get it to work for me.  Is it possibly for a large assembly or not.  I was able to get it to work for a single part as well as a small assembly of a few peices but is there an easy way or is it possibly for a very large assembly.  If it is could I get some detailed step by step instructions on how to work my way through it that would be great??


Also I founf Drive Works Express in solidworks and reserched that a bit and found that you can do that same thing basically and it will cahnge the whole assembly with the click of a buttom basically.  But once again I tried that with my assembly and it did not work again.  Is this a better way if possibly and if so I would need some step by step detailed instructions to get me through this. 


I am not very experienced in solidworks and I am trying to figure this out for work and am having some trouble.