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Getting PDM set up, creating vault, etc....

Question asked by Ryan Moore on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

I have been using Solidworks for over ten years and at a few of the companies I have worked at we used PDM. I now work for a company I am the only engineer and I decided to add in PDM since I was putting on 2012 anyway. I was not the admin of the PDM vault in my previous positions but I am still familiar with alot of the functions. I added PDM to the computer , and after reading on these forus I went back to the install and went through to select the PDM administrator as well. I am uncertain about how to create a vault and need to figure out how to set up the vault, directory and vault name.


Also, I am working off my computer that currently stores all the files from years of designing. I dont want the vault to interfere with the models on my C drive. Normally I have always used PDM on the server and its not an issue, you check out to your local, check back in and dele the local. Will checking out models/drawings from the vault have any affect on the ones currentyl saved on the C-drive, assuming I dont go and open up the old one?


Once I get my vault set up the checking in and usage should be okay but I have never dealt with the install/admin side of it.


Thank you!