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Weldlist equations not working

Question asked by Fred Britt on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by Fred Britt

I have created Weldlist table, containing a "QTY"  column and a "WEIGHT" column.


I added a colum for "total weight" for each item. 


So for examle on Row 1 in the "Total Weight" space, I entered a formula Qty x Weight. My case it would be H2*B2 with H2 lets say qty = 2 and the weight = 25 lbs. The calculation should come out to 50 lbs.


My 2012 SW in 99% of the time does not see it that way. I could get results anywhere from .4 lbs to 200 lbs. Plus each time I open the sheet drawing, it calculates a new weight other than the correct weight. So if I open the drawing 20 times, it might be right 1 out of 20.


Also notice if I change the parts drawing and I do the manual update on the cutlist list, it does not always change the weldlist table on the sheet drawing. I have to sometimes either close out the parts drawing and reopen it, or go to the cutlist and open each property and cycle through each one to get it to update the weldlist table on the sheet drawing.


So since our pruduct is based on weight x $$, I am having to hand calculate the weight manualy since SW does a random calculation to what ever it chooses. The weight for the single part is correct in the "Weight" column, it the calculation to add the qty x weght that SW is messing up on.


Has there been a fix or a work around on this? It's getting old have to check the weight on every part on every drawing.