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Concentric mate not working??

Question asked by Ryan Hader on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by Jason Zaperach

Hey Guys,


I have an Assembly here where I have 1 mate that I would like to make and it is not working....

The parts:


1) tube frame structure that I created as a part with two sketches one is the path to follow and one is the thin walled tube profile. simple.

2) is the rest of the frame with Aluminum fittings / supports in which the tube goes through.


When I attempt to apply almost any type of mate it does not work and a message comes up saying 'selected entity is not valid for this type of mate'....


Basically I just want to apply two coincident mates which would center out the frame.


see the image below.


ANy thoughts as to why this wont work? or hot to get it to work?2012-01-13_130722.jpg