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Is there a way to press fit 2 parts and have the inside part shrink?

Question asked by Craig Parker on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by Ryan Laplante

I have a plastic insert that I will be press fitting into a metal shell. There is a .003" interference fit bewteen the OD of the Plastic insert and the ID of the metal shell. Is there a way when I make the assembly and I mate the two parts together to have the plastic insert shrink when placed inside the metal shell? I know when the plastic shell is pressed inside the metal shell the ID of the plastic shell is supposed to shrink about .020" but will solidworks do this on its own or does it not have that capability? I dont want to have to create a special plastic insert part with new smaller dimensions to compensate for the shrinking when the plastic is pressed inside the metal shell.


I have attached files of the metal shell (R0004875), Plastic Insert (M3150422) and the Assembly of both (E1505820)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.