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Controlling rights to file types

Question asked by Dan Pankratz on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by Dan Pankratz

This should be an easy one but since I haven't meddled in PDM for a long time I'm having some trouble...


We are using SolidCAM / Solidworks / PDMWorks Workgroup and have just trained a new user to do CNC programming.  (Until now, we have not been managing the CAM files in PDM)  This user should be able to check out any part for programming, but should not be able to check in any modifications to these parts. Since SolidCAM creates a copy of the original part to program and compresses all of the CAM project files into a single .prz file when complete, he only needs to have full acces to the .prz files that SolidCAM generates.  How can this be set up?


Also, is it a good idea to create a link between the .prz file and the .sldprt file in PDMWorks?