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How would I do a correct FEA of a hoist ring?

Question asked by Iddrisu Seidu on Jan 12, 2012

Hello all,


I've been assigned an FEA at work that I have already set up and have run the study. However, I want to make sure that I've done it correctly. Since this is stuff I'm doing at work, I'm not sure if I can post pictures and what not (proprietary issues), so hopefully I can explain it well.


Here's a picture -


Now if I create a split line on the bigger circle at the top, but just on the inner circle, and apply a force lifting up acting on the top hemisphere, while using the bottom holes in the "ears" of the two bottom prongs, would this give me accurate results? I'm looking for the stresses in the fillet right above the ears, but below the hole in the top.


I've gotten results from the study, but I'm not sure if they are correct. I say this because I thickened the fillet, giving the web/flange more width and it gave me higher stresses than what I had received the first time. Wouldn't the stresses be lower?


Bear with me, I'm not very strong with FEAs yet and want to know how I could make the results as accurate as possible.


If I can post pictures, I will post them as soon as I can. Also, if the explanation needs any clearing up, let me know.