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    Point Cloud to a surface?

      it's the Office-Premium version of 2007 that supports importing point cloud data. it comes with tools to simplify and improve surface data.
        • Point Cloud to a surface?
          Hey, I'm a little new here and I have a pretty big question. Hopefully someone can shed a little light for me. I am trying to take some laser scanning data i have, (40,000 points) and manipulate it in Mathematica. I then want to take the manipulated data and generate a surface on solidworks so that I can make a part. I am running into trouble in 2 areas.

          1, How to get the point cloud into solidworks. I found a cute little add in that would do it nicely for $200. However, i am running 2006 and I understand that 2007 has this capability. My data is in a .txt file. Possibly a .DFX.

          2. Once I have a 2000 to 40000 point point cloud in solid works, how could I fit a surface to this?

          I really appreciate any ideas you may have.

          Thanks again,
            • Point Cloud to a surface?
              Nicholas Rutland
              you can create 3d sketch splines and
              then perform a loft for the surface..
              that is what i do with most of my point could data
              since i dont have premium
              if you import the dxf into solidworks however..it will flatten the points
              i go to my Autocad and do an "igesout" and export the dxf
              as an iges
              then import the iges into solidworks
              WOW 40,000 is a lot of points to have to
              make splines and sketchs from though