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Improving Surface Continuity

Question asked by Andrew Lowe on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by Charles Culp

Hello All,


I've attached a model that I'm trying to improve the surface continutiy of. This is the most organic looking blend I've tried to accomplish in SolidWorks. The transitions are complicated, and will require either 3 or 5 sided patches. When evaluating the curvature of the model, I have lots of "divots" in my filled surfaces. Is there a way I can build better filled surfaces that don't have these issues?


Alternatively, is my patch layout optimal? It would be interesting to see various posters takes on building this part, or something similiar with a completely organic transition.


Does anyone have any suggestions to get this part to "Class A" status? Or is this a losing battle in SolidWorks?


curvy thingy.jpg