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    Dimension Text Will Not Appear

    Jack Wilson


         I am having a problem with Solidworks 2011 x64 where it will not show the dimension text when I create a dimension in a sketch. It will show the leaders and any symbols such as the 'diameter' symbol, but the text is left blank; by text, I mean the value of the dimension. I have tried changing the font to Times New Roman and I've messed arround with all of the settings that I can find with no luck. Then I updated my video card driver. I even tried to run Solidworks in 'software OpenGL mode', and when that didn't work, I tried repairing the installation using the Solidworks Installation Manager. Still no luck. I am running it on a pretty decent computer using Windows 7x64. The odd thing is that I have not always had this problem. I might add that the dimensions work in drawing files, but do not work in either new part files or part files from a different machine where the dimensions worked. Below is a screenshot of my problem. Any help would be appreciated!





      Message was edited by: Jack Wilson       I added a part file that is giving me problems (like every part file). It was created on a different machine and displayed fine.

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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          Can you post your file?

          Have you tried running the Solidworks Rx tool on this?

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              Jack Wilson


                    I can post a file, but my guess is that it will work fine on any other machine. The problem exists with both new files and old files that were created on a different machine without a problem. I will post a file that I made on a different machine that seemed fine, but is having problems on my machine. I don't see how to attach a file to this reply, so I'll edit the original post.


                    I did run the Solidworks Rx tool, but it only told me that my video card is not a recomended card (which I already knew). It is not a workstation card, but it had worked fine with Solidworks in the past, and other than this dimension problem, it works great. I also tried using the software OpenGL, which I thought would rule a video card problem. Thanks.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Good morning Jack,


                  I don't think it is video or computer related at all,


                  Could you give us a snap shot picture of your tool/option settings, to me it could be a simple box that should be checked or un-checked.


                  The next thing I would look into is your color settings and layer settings. 






                  (edited) PS: I added the part you uploaded into a new drawing and did the Insert/Model Items





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                Anna Wood

                What video card and driver are you running?


                Check our the SolidWorks website for a list of approved video card drivers.







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                    Jack Wilson


                        I am using a ATI Radeon HD 4770 with a Catalyst driver version:

                    I know that that is not an approved card, but I'm a graduate student and I'm doing some work on my homebuilt machine. I just really couldn't afford a workstation card. In the past, this card has worked great. Do you think that I should try an older driver version? By the way, can you think of any differences between the dimension text and the dimension symbols? It seems kind on wierd that the symbols show up fine, but the actual value does not. Thanks

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                    Jack Wilson

                    UPDATE: I have managed to get the dimension values to show up now by selecting the 'display dimensions flat to screen' under the 'display/selection' section of the system properties. If anyone knows what the underlying problem is I'd still like to know though....


                    Thanks to everyone for the help!