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Weldment Cutlist Custom Properties

Question asked by Sam Williams on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2012 by Sam Williams

Hello peoples

I am having some real problems with keeping custom properties for a weldment cutlist. I have a part that has 3 configurations; default (As Machined) and default (As Welded) and another that has a body hidden to show the internal section clearly for drawing. The cutlist I want gives the description, material & size. I have input the custom properties into each configuration but for some reason I keep losing the properties for the default (As Welded) (This is only happening to one item in my cutlist). If I put them in for default AW and save the part and re-open the custom propeties they are still there but once I go to another config. I go back to default AW and the properties are gone. I have repeated this so many times but to no avail. I have updated the cutlist before I put in the properties, and after, but still nothing works. Can anyone please help me it is starting to drive me insane!!!!!!!