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Dell T5400 RAID and HW. Setup and performance.

Question asked by Joachim Venberget on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by Anna Wood



I got myself a good deal on a 2nd hand T5400 for homeusage and is just so curious how it will do.

My guess is that it will be a shame go to back to work on the HP z200.


-T5400-DUAL INTEL XEON E5405 (2.00GHZ, 13

-MEMORY : 4096MB (2X2048) 667MHZ DDR2 QUA

-HARD DRIVE : 146GB (15000RPM) SAS - + 500GB DISC




W7 pro 64bit - SW2012.


RAID is all new to me, any thaughts on how I can use it and what are the beneftis when having 2 different discs like this? And with the 15k-RPM will there be any significant advantage upgrading to the SSD disc?


What can I expect from the FX1700 vs the new cards like Quadro 600 or maybe even consider an ATI low-cost upgrade?

Any other suggestionsm tips, tricks and experience on known problems etc. anything regarding getting the best out of this workstation is highly appreciated. As for what I can see it has been a good choice for SW / CAD for a few years. For me been with mac for years now this is a school back to the world of PC.