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    Newbie question

    Nicklaus Hernan

      Hey there,


      Pardon the newbie question, I work for a technical publishing firm and do the illustrations.  Due to many clients having files on hand that are CAD generated, we are looking at purchasing Solidworks so that we can import their CAD files and convert them to Vector based artwork after getting the views that we need.  Does anyone know about this process?  Thus far, I have not been able to get consistent results, the AI files show all the hidden structure, the PDF format doesn't alway produce a vector image, and the DXF and DWG options are not always available.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          John Burrill

          Nicklaus, as a technical illustrator, you probabably should look into 3DVia composer.  It runs independantly of Solidworks and has lots of tools for publishing and updating Solidworks models as descriptive figures and images in both raster and vector formats.

          Here's a YouTube video that gives a general overview of it.


          Now, if you have to work with data from other CAD systems like ProE, Inventor or exchange formats like Step and parasolid, then you might want to invest in a seat of Solidworks because it can translate from these formats and ofcourse, gives you the ability to make changes to the files to suit your purposes.  Solidworks is sold and supported through a dealer channel and dealers territories are geographical.


          this link will locate the reseller closest to you.