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Cannot suppress components in flattened assembly! (routing)

Question asked by Alexei Kositsin on Jan 11, 2012
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I'm using Routing addin for cable creation.

When i'm flattening the cable with couple connectors i cannot suppress them (connectors) in this configuration. Also i cant hide them for display state.

In other hand, if i'm building an assembly from this routing i do can suppress parts from it from upper assembly.

I need to make cable drawings with couple of views (cable only, cable with connectors, connectors....) in one drawing. I want to use configurations or at least display view for it and not to build new assembly for this metter.


Any idea how it can be done?  (i think only option for this is make change in routing module itself)



One more think about routing. It's dam heavy and crashes 4-6 time from 10.