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Error messages when trying to generate Aerodynamic test

Question asked by Claudio Forcolin on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Claudio Forcolin

I have created a SWx model of a model airplane for my high school design class, but I have been getting error messages when I tried to use both Flow Simulation and FlowWorks Xpress when trying to generate a simple aerodynamic test. I followed the procedures in one of the student tutorials. I used the same procedure in SWx 2009 and used a "wind tunnel" and everything worked perfectly in the older version of Swx.


I also got an error message telling me that the inside face of the "wind tunnel" did not meet the fluid boundary when I selected it to start my simulation-the same method used in the older versions of SWx.


I have included all the files used to create the simulation. Please help.


Claudio Forcolin

Technological Studies

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