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Appearance Hierarchy

Question asked by Andrew Medgyesi on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by Andrew Medgyesi

Here's the short and skinny: I'm new at work, and part of my job is to produce realistic renders using PhotoView 360. My predecessor had a model set up the way she liked it, and it produces good renders. So, obviously I'm trying to replicate these results. I tried for a long time to manually match the appearances and scene settings, but it wasn't producing the results I need. After some research and poking around, I discovered you could save appearances and scenes and apply them to any model. Well, great! So I did that and I'm getting the same results as before! I still can't match her renders! I've looked in the appearances --> viewed by Hierarchy, and nothing is over riding the saved appearances I want to implement. At this point I'm pretty much at my wits end trying to match her results, and I haven't produced much quality work in my first week. I'll attach the good render first, and my attempt second:


16 in. Jackpot [blank].JPG

I'm mostly concerned with the LED numbers. As you can see, my attempt has those annoying red dots floating around it. The bloom settings are the same on both model rendering settings. Now in this case, if you look closely, you can see that my scene is different than hers. However, I've saved her scene and imported it to the model and taken another render and there is no improvement with the number quality.


Please help!!