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Lofted Bend Cut not showing up in flat pattern

Question asked by Mike Price on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by John Stoltzfus

Hi all,


Not well versed with sheet metal, so this may be an obvious issue, but from a previous post, I'm trying to get two lofted bends to flatten out and then I want to use multiple flat patterns to get me close to an overall flat pattern.  The shape isn't conventional at all, so my thought is to split the shape into multiple lofted bends and then I can align the individual exported flat patterns to give me an overall shape that is somewhat close.....It may not work, but it's the only direction I can think to go.  Since the shapes flatten out in their own directions, my thought was to create a cut on both bodies that I can then use to align each flat pattern.


However, when I flatten out the lofted bends, the "Cut-Extrude-Thin3" is not on the part anymore.


Any thoughts?







lofted bend.jpg


lofted bend flattened.jpg