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Replacing a part with one that has configurations

Question asked by rusty drake on Jan 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by John Burrill

Say I wish to change out a part with another (inside an assembly).  When the needed part is found through "browse" and selected, a thumbnail window is populated and a choice of the part configs is allowed.  Upon "open" to bring the new component into the assembly, the configuration that was selected is never the one that arrives in the assembly (maybe the "last saved" config is inserted).  Then I need to select the new part & change the config to the one (size) I truely want in the assembly.


Is there an enhancement in place to correct this issue?


One other matter with configurations; if I'm working in an "assembly" which has a handful of configurations, and I wish to change a "component config" within the different assemblies, I'm given the option to choose which configs I want this to take place in, or select "all configs", but this does not follow through truely either.  I wind up needin to go to each assembly configuration and having to set the component config there.  (see "change properties in:" below)