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How do I create a new trim profile in weldments?

Question asked by Kenneth Westby on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by Kenneth Westby

Greetings all,

We have made a corporate decision to move away from square tubing to round tubing for the frame work of our machines.  We have been using weldment's for quite some time and like the ease of creating frames with the tool.  The issue is with the switch to round tubing, the trim command leaves the end of the tube not only the wrong length, but the trim (nip or notch) is incorrect as well.  We do not send our tubes to a machine shop to be coped with a mill cutter.  We use a notching tool that is mounted in a small (20 ton) punch press and nip one side of the tube at a time.  Two nips and you are ready to saddle a tube.  An example of a notch would be, on a 2" dia. tube the notch is only .4375 deep, but the radius is 1".  So the nipped tube does not come up to half way on the tube it is being fitted to.

We would like to create a notching profile that we can use instead of the ones that come with Solid Works.  Is there a folder that these profiles are stored in that we can put another in to select from?  Or do we need to plead a case to Solid Works that all nips are not created equal?

I have attached an example file for all to look at.  It will show what I am trying to explain.