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    User reports - Enterprise PDM

    malcolm morton

      To keep tabs on files languishing for lengthy periods of time , Is it possible to extract a report from Enterprise PDM along these ( or similar ) lines


      User X has         n   files at status "Waiting For Approval"     over  90 days old


                               n   files at status "Under Change"              over  90 days old



      We are finding that we are losing track of stuff that gets put on hold & forgotten about.

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          Tim Read

          This can be done in a report but it can also be done simply by using the Search tool.


          Search on files in a specific State (State list > Workflow - State Name)  AND  do not have a version after a certain date (Versions Before)

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            Corey Hinman

            For what it's worth, I've created an engineering change "dashboard".


            On the data card I fill in variables of who did what, and on what day. Then I created a column set that includes those values and is used for a specific search card.


            After running the search I get a complete listing of anything that's open, and can quickly see what state it's in, and who it's waiting for. So I can run the search, sort by any column, including user, or the date of the last "check-off".


            The search card, you can also use to add date criteria if you wanted to.

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              Lou Gallo

              This is a common request to get Days in State or Dwell time as well as how many times the file has been in the state.  This is easy to query in SQL and maybe using reporting services in SQL to evaluate the script and send out an email after a number of days is possible.  I wrote an addin to do this but Days in the state I want in a variable but woudl have to create a version every time I refresh the Dwell data so I actually run and update script in SQL to update the Dwell variable in the database directly. 

              Now this is frowned upon but what would be nice is to be able to have a query in SQL be a column, then we can see this stuff without having to write to the file.  Here is a pic of what the tool I wrote does:



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                Sujan Patel

                EPDM does not include out of the box reports. You have to

                1. Write SQL queries to generate reports or

                2. Add varaibles on data cards and configure workflows so that you can produce lists using search i.e. datacard search.

                File StateAge or Avg Process time reports and stats  can be generated from TransitionsHistory ,Documents and Status tables Capture.PNG