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Sudden performance problems from Workgroup PDM

Question asked by Adam Begarly on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by Brad Harding

I work at a moderate to large company and we have been using PDMworks for 4 years now.  A couple of weeks ago (when most users were out) the vault crashed because of an unknown file error.  Ever since it runs terribly slow.  If one person checks in, the rest of us experience a freeze.  We have around 13 or so usere.  Our vault is also very large at around 500gig or so.  Has anyone else expereinced this?  Restarting the vault has no effect.  It also takes nearly ten times as long as before to check-in a part.


We have spoken to IT and they said that nothing had changed from what they could tell.


Any ideas?


Not sure what server we are using, but it should be up to date.  We are all using SW2010 sp4.0 and the vault is on the same version.


error data:

"pdmwRequestHandler::ProcessRequest (CFileException) Error: An unknown error occurred while accessing an unnamed file., Request: 121"