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Decals getting weird on render...

Question asked by Jason McCrory on Jan 9, 2012

I was setting up a render this past Friday before I left and was trying to throw a decal of our company logo onto the model. In SolidWorks it appeared just as it should have, but in the render preview and then in the final render it was mirrored, flipped and WAY off position. I ran out of time tinkering with it, so I don't have any screen shots I can send right now, but I was wondering if anyone else might have seen this or could provide some direction.


Using SWX2012 SP1. I'm fairly new to rendering too - never done much outside of the default settings, but I'm trying to learn more about it as it appears our marketing department may be turning to the design department for images of our products (as opposed to a photographer... apparently we're cheaper ).


If screens or more info is needed, I'll get some up here ASAP. Thanks in advance for the help!