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    Defining Mass of Remote Masses

    Nathaniel Van Vliet

      I have a main body and 5 small spherical volumes surrounding it.  I have them being treated as remote masses.  How can I define the mass of each remote mass?


      Or do I need to enter them as forces and apply them in the Z coordinate?  I was hoping I could just enter the mass and it would take into account that I have a gravity load applied to the entire model.

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          sandeep pawar



          Did you create a point at the C.G of each spherical mass? There are couple of ways you can treat the masses as remote- (1) right click on your geometry and select treat as remote mas and then select the surface of the main body. Be careful though, this will 'link' the remote mass to the entire surface of the selected surface. Instead you can create the split surface first and link that to your remote mass. You should see an option to enter the mass. (2) create a point entity first at the CG of the remote mass and then link it to teh surface.


          You can also define the distributed mass but this will depend on how your spherical bodies interact with your main body. Distributed mass does not take rotational effect in to account. It also does not add stiffness to your model, remote mass does.


          Hope this helps.