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    Rev comments on drawings

    Ross McEllhiney

      I am trying to copy the revison numbers and revision comments from the EPDM to DWG drawings. I have created varibles that are transfered from the EPDM to the drawing boarder and from the DWG Boarder to the EPDM, I now need to create a program that copies the EPDM revison counter and the revision number from the EPDM to the revison varable fields that I created. I would like this to roll the values on the drawing. The drawing only has 4 slots in the rev block and I would like the revs from the PDM to fill in only the four latest revs from the system, the rest of the revs will be held in the EPDM history,


      I know I have seen something like this done by someone else, but I can not find the link.


      Does anyone know where I can find a sample of this code?



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          Tim Read

          I know the thread you are thinking of... but


          Can you not just do this in the transistion to the Released State? I have never tried but I think it should work...


          Have all your variables on the datacard: CurrentRev, Revminus1, RevMinus2, RevMinus3...


          In your Transistion Set:


          RevMinus3 = RevMinus2

          RevMinus2 = Revminus1

          RevMinus1 = CurrentRev

          CurrentRev = %nextrevision%

          Inc. Revison


          Order will be important.