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Assembly Sketch(es) not showing in Graphics Area

Question asked by Gregg Price on Jan 8, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2018 by Montassar Akrmi

I need help!  I have looked for hours for a way to make sketches show in the graphics area of my assembly, but I can not find anything.


I started an assembly of a house in SW 2011 a few months ago.  It is based on assembly sketches for layout purposes (floor plan, roof profiles, etc.).  Sometime around the time I upgraded to 2012, the sketches would no longer display in the graphics area (without editing them) so I can referenced them for derived parts and locating subassemblies.  When I chose the show/hide button (glasses), the sketch Icon in the tree changes, but the sketch  simply won't display in the graphics area.  It also will display when my pointer rolls over the sketch icon, but only temporarily in orange.


I have turned off the hide sketeches, planes, etc. option in the Large Assembly Mode under System Options to no avail.  I have even turned off Large Assembly Mode totally...still no impact.


Sub-components will display sketches when opened in a seperate window, but will not when viewed in the master assembly window.


Any ideas?  I would really appreciate some help. 




Gregg Price