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    Flow Simulation Cut Plot error: "Failed to complete."

    Legt Chevrollier

      I am experiencing a pretty strange error. After the Solver has finished Flow Simulation analysis, I am able to see the Cut plot in a vertical plane.


      But for some strange reason, when I try to do the same thing just in the horizontal plane, I am getting an error message:



      "Cut plot 1


      Cut plot in fluid

      Boolean operations...

      Get geometry... done. 0 triangles. failed.


      Failed to complete."



      Vertical Cut plot can be created, but not the horizontal one.


      What seems to be the problem???


      Here is the .sldprt file:




      Thank you for the replies.

      Best wishes and Happy new year to everybody.

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          David Harrold

          Hi Legt,

          I do see this error on occasion, but the solution is not always the same. Try checking your Task Manager: it could be a resource issue such as inadequate RAM. You can also try creating the cut plot on other planes to see if you can troubleshoot the issue. Or, you can just rebuild (Ctrl-Q) or restart solidworks. In some cases, solving the model again will solve the problem, and once I just had to delete the config and start over, which worked.

          Hope this helps,


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            Matt Stiles

            I think it's a memory or similar issue also, have seen it many times.  Try turning off any other results you may be displaying.  Try reducing the scale of the cut plot.  Try restarting SW.

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              Andrew Parker

              I know this is VERY late to the party, but hopefully my answer helps others with the same question.


              When SW creates lids, they are not mated or constrained to your model or assembly.  Therefore it is quite easy to accidentally move the lid and thereby cause Flow Sim. to reset the computational domain.  This may also cause your model to become non-watertight, which could be the cause of your "Failed to Complete...Boolean" error.


              So what are your options?

              1. Use the Lid Generator tool, then fully constrain the lids
              2. Create your own lids before starting Flow Sim.
              3. Trust that the lids will stay in place and buy a lotto ticket.


              Personally I prefer #2, because it can be done before the Flow Sim is loaded. However, your assembly may be more complex, so it's your choice.


              Bear in mind that you should create new parts for lids. You could cap off parts within their respective part files, but it's far easier to create separate parts within the assembly and then suppress them with an assembly configuration.