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duplicate names for parts in assemblies

Question asked by Bobo K on Jan 6, 2012
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i am a new user to SW who recently switched from CAD.


I have a basic question that i could not find the answer for.


i know that you cannot have duplicate names in solidworks.


i am working on a project where i have a database of thousands of part files and when i open some of the assemblies, they have errors and the assembly looks like it combined multiple parts (which probably have the same name somewhere on our network)


example: if i have an old assembly of samsungtv.sldprt and mount.sldprt in one folder.   in another folder when i made a new assembly from panasonictv.sldprt

and mount.sldprt (this one has different dimensions). when i open the old samsung assembly it will have a combined mount from both the old and new. vice versa with the panasonic assembly.


Question: is there a setting that will get rid of this referencing of files?

thank you in advanced


coworkers explained that we did not have this problem when it was SW2004.


we are on sw2009 x64 Service pack 3.0 solidworks standard edition