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    designe library

    Glen Funk

      I am trying to add a note as described in the tutorial. “Saving a note to the Design Library” It says to expand the design library then click the annotations folder.  There does not appear to be a folder called annotations and the “create new folder” icon is not active.  When I click on the “add to library” icon then click on the note I wish to save, in the graphics area, then the check mark, I get an error asking to select a folder. Is there a suggestion on how to proceed with this tutorial?


      I also don’t understand what it is asking for when the tutorial says, “In the PropertyManager, under Save To, type a value for File name, then click checkmark”. What is meant by “value”?


      How or were  do I view answers to my questions?

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          JOHN GEORGE


          Welcome to the forums


          To add a note or annotation to the library, select the note and click on the "add" icon as shown and follow instructions

          See the picture below

          It shows a sample note called "Material-Tag"


          Hope this helps

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              Glen Funk

              Thank you for your answer.


              The answer helped me appreciate that it wasn't so much my understanding of what to do; the program just wasn't doing it.  Support from my supplier helped me to turn on "hidden folders", now it works exactly as the instructions direct.