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Problems Searching For Workflow

Question asked by Katie Hughes on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by Katie Hughes

While the complete search card has the workflow tab where you can look for files in a certain state, we could use one where it lists just the files in a specific workflow.  I went into the complete search card and saw that the dropdown box said "Workflow - State Name" next to where the text read "Display files in state:".  I then changed the variable "Workflow - State Name" to the variable "Workflow - Workflow Name", both of which were predefined.  However, when I switched to this variable, it still only showed the state names.  For some reason, I can't get the names of the workflows to show up.  I also wanted to create columns specific to this search to display only the information we're looking at.  I tried getting the workflow names to show up in the column, but with no luck.  I would think this should be simple because the version tab is reading what workflow a particular file is in, but for some reason, it won't show up on a card or for a column.  It seems like the workflow name would be a system variable (like <State> or <Name>), but for some reason, it's not showing up anywhere for the column or on the card.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.