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better control over boundry surface

Discussion created by Joel Rapoport on Jan 4, 2012
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hello all,


i got help here and becouse of the help i was able to get the shape i wanted. i used the boundry method wich i havent ever used.

i have the basic shape of the object that i wanted, but i still have some areas that dont come out nicely with the boundry method.

i get areas that are not smooth enough for me, or areas that are "higher" or "lower" in the z axis then i wanted with gives me the basic shape, but when i turn the model around i dont like some parts of it.


i tried adding splines to both the direction1 and 2 to better control the problematic areas but i get wors results.

i also tried other combinations of influences, and changed the amount of % of tangency, with no real help.


im attaching some pictures that show the problematic areas, and im also attaching the model. its sw 2011.


what you see in the middle (the place where the handle and the main body connects) is a part that i cut from the boundry that i didnt like the results i got, and i made a new boundry between them which gave me more smooth transition between the parts.


thanks in advance,