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Is there a way to close this gap on my sheet metal part?

Question asked by Nicholas Hunter on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by Jon Blair

Hi everyone,


I am new to sheet metal and therefore am doing a few practice parts. I have been working on this speaker cover made out of 16GA perforated steel sheet to cover some tweeters on this custom speaker enclosure a friend of mine has been building. The bend radius I am using is 1/2" as he wanted to have a nice round corner and the height is 1" length is 34 1/8" x 4" width dimensioned from outside to outside.


My question is am I able to close this corner any closer than as is? If so how? I did this by creating a base flange 34 1/8" x 4", then extruded 4 edges using edge flange, I did go for the closed corner option but was only able to used the welded corner. I was hoping I could get the bends closer together so I can illustrate them only having to use a bead of weld when manufacturing.


Thank you for any assistance as I know my questions are a bit on the amatuer side.

Speaker Cover_Corner.png




Nicholas H