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square peg in a round hole

Question asked by Mark Larson on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2012 by John Burrill

anybody got a neat way of mating a square or rectangular rod to a round hole (my company cannot afford square drills )

other than using a center line? I should mention that the peg is not coincident with origin of the part. I am referring to electonic components mounted on a circuit board primarily, but any quick and neat way to do it in general is good.


In the following pic, the PCB is transparent:

in the first pic notice the pins on component on left which came from manufacturer, it has blade pins, square pins, and strange shaped peg.

the comps on the left I made, which are easy to mate with round pins (they don't actually come with round pins)

yes, that strange shape peg can easily be mated as it is partially round.

pin example.JPG