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Question asked by Brian Watts on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Peter Widjaja

Has anyone come across a B.O.M. whereby a requirement to display the configurations of the same part as one item AND display configurations of the same part as separate items?


I currently have an assembly showing hydraulic cylinders in configurations (same part number, opposite hand). Also have a selection of washers (created in a part with configurations) used in the top level assembly .


The B.O.M. created shows the hydraulic cylinder as separate item numbers (although the same part number) which in my view should be the same the item number. The range of washers are how they should be i.e separate item numbers for each configuration part number.


However, if I change the PART CONFIGURATION GROUPING under the B.O.M. the results are reversed!


FYI -  I do not want to change the B.O.M. type to "Parts Only" as there are sub-assemblies within the top level assembly.


Thanks in advance...Brian