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Weld Bead Feature Question

Question asked by Brandon Cardoza on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2012 by John Sanchez

Hello everyone,

Currently running Solidworks 2012 SP1.0 and I am having some trouble with the weld bead feature. The most common application that this feature would be used for is to show a weld with a pipe in a pipe (as in a pipe fitting into a coupling). The problem is that when placing the weld bead it will show a "donut ring" instead of actually completing a fillet weld. Using the old weld feature in 2010 we did not have this problem. I am posting here to ensure that I am not missing something simple in terms of a setting or option to be selected. Also all of the welding is added on at the assembly level and that cannot be changed. I will take a picture of the occurance with the hope someone can help me out.


Has anyone else seen this happening or know how to correct it?