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Still have problems with assemblies

Question asked by Stuart Graham on Jan 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by Mark Coville

I have just updated from 2009 SP4 to 2012 SP1, and as usual with SW, I have nothing but problems.


Take this for example. I create a routing PART with 2 connection points. I route a couple of pipes add the part and all works well, it autodetects the size, it works absolutely as expected. I then take that PART and turn it into a routing assembly, imagine a 2 inch coupling and I add 2 other non routing parts to it each about 0.5 inch cubed. I then do as before, route a couple of pipes and then try to drag and drop the new routing assembly on it. I get the following


"This component cannot be added to the route at the selected location. The fitting could not be added at this point as the attached segments are too short or mis0aligned to accomodate fitting. Try increasing the lengths of the segments attached to this point"


And the part will not add to my route. The assembly IS a routing assembly with all the appropriate AC points etc. It perplexes me, the assembly component is no bigger than the PART was, yet I get this error. I even tried making the 2 additional parts virtual, in case that was the problem, NOPE.


Any Ideas?





Sw 2012 SP1 x64

Win 7 x64 ( non SP1 )

16 Gig Ram

dual Xeon quad cores

Quadro 4600 - 768 MB